eBooks and Audiobooks are available!

eBooks can now be downloaded  free from ePukapuka OverDrive to a computer, iPad, mobile phone or an eReader.

Audiobooks are talking books that can be downloaded to a computer, iPod or other compatible device with audio capability.  

Hastings District and Napier Libraries are part of the newly-formed Lower North Island Digital Library Group, ePukapuka, offering eBooks and audiobooks to readers.

Hastings District Libraries Manager Paula Murdoch says “Staff are thrilled with this latest service, as it complements the range of existing services offered both onsite and online for everyone’s convenience. eBooks and audiobooks are a great way of making reading material available 24/7 to our community.”

Napier Libraries Manager, Sheryl Reed, advises customers not to rush out and buy something new. “Many customers will be able to download eBooks and audiobooks to the computer or other compatible device they already own, without having to go and buy anything special. But we are encouraging our eReading public to check our website for compatibility information first, if they do choose to buy.”

The Lower North Island Digital Library Group is a consortium of 15 public libraries known as ePukapuka, formed to give readers access to more content using combined purchasing power. ePukapuka provides access to several hundred titles, mainly eBooks, with some audiobooks; and more content is being added regularly. At this stage the libraries will not be making video or music files available because of licensing issues for the New Zealand market.

Click on the Overdrive logo on our homepage or http://pukapuka.lib.overdrive.com

For more information on borrowing, see  Borrowing eBooks - borrowing basics 

Which eReader should I buy? 

For more information on eReaders, see  eBooks and eBook Readers

Hastings District Libraries does not recommend or advise which device you should buy. There are thousands of eReader models available, but many are currently unavailable in New Zealand. If you choose to purchase overseas, bear in mind that you may not be protected by relevant NZ legislation (such as the Consumer Guarantees Act).

Any device with Digital Rights Management (DRM) software should be able to access e-content available through Hastings District Libraries.

Please check that the device is compatible with Overdrive before purchasing - for instance, Kindles are not compatible at present.

eReaders have been reviewed by Consumer magazine and online reviews for most models are available on the internet. Talk to someone you know who already has one to find out what they like and dislike about their device.


Please note:  Kindle is not compatible with Overdrive in New Zealand at present.
Although some new Kindle services are becoming available in the USA, it may be some time before it becomes compatible in New Zealand. 

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