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Junior Summer Reading Programme - Report-ins

Thu, 04/12/2014

Junior Summer Reading Programme report-ins start on Monday 8 December, 2014 and your first report-in must be made by Friday 19 December, 2014. The final day for report-ins is Friday 16 January, 2015.

You can also report in online. Here is all the important information....

Junior Summer Reading Programme - Register Now.

Mon, 24/11/2014

Registrations are now open for the Junior Summer Reading Programme and Te Reo Summer Reading Programme. You may register online or at our library.

Maths is Fun - Holiday Programme

Wed, 15/10/2014
Maths is Fun holiday programme

Maths is Fun sessions have now finished. Thank you to all the wonderful staff and children involved in the programme. To view photos from the events visit our Flickr page and the Maths is Fun blog.

Choose a book that's right for you!

Wed, 24/09/2014
Image: Book

Members of the Flaxmere Young Readers’ Club met last week and talked about how they choose fiction stories that are right for them.  Here are their tips:

  • Look for favourite authors and genre (e.g. fantasy, mystery, pony stories, etc)
  • Find out what friends, family and librarians recommend
  • Do the title and cover seem interesting?
  • Read the blurb on the back cover to see if the story sounds good
  • Read the summary of the book on our catalogue:
  • Read the first page.   Do you understand what you are reading and want to keep reading?
  • Look for new book displays in the library
  • Are there more than 5 difficult words on a page?  If there are, then the book may be too difficult for you to read all by yourself.  An adult could read it to you though.
  • Look for reviews online, especially here on our Kidzscene blog

Fantastic tips!


Thu, 04/09/2014

Havelock North Library hosts a lively junior book club for children aged 8 - 11.

The Havelock North Junior Book Worms recently hosted local author Bruce Tregonning, who discussed his self published books Dare to Be A Boy, Dare to Runaway Home and Dare to Escape.

Bruce's latest book, Dare to Escape, is about the many adventures of a tree green gecko in the New Zealand bush. The children had great fun learning about and handling Bruce's geckos.

To find Bruce Tregonning's books at Hastings District Libraries visit our catalogue.

To see more photos click here.


Tue, 26/08/2014

If you think LEGO is awesome, then you will be excited to know we have heaps of books, movies, and games on everything LEGO. 

From LEGO Ninjago to LEGO Friends and everything in-between – you can get it from the library.  We have books for Lego Star Wars, Marvel, Chima, Batman, LEGO City, Monsters, Bionicle, Harry Potter, and LEGO DC Superheroes. 

We have LEGO movies to borrow – and LEGO Xbox and PS3 games!! 

We have LEGO annuals and heaps of books full of ideas for your next project! And don’t forget the LEGO Minifigure Guides. 

Did you miss seeing the new LEGO movie that came out this year?   You’ll be happy to hear that its soon to be on our shelves.  Check out the movie trailer at the LEGO website.


See our catalogue for books, games, and movies.

In the Shadow of the Volcano by Caryn Jenner

Tue, 12/08/2014

Jorja has reviewed a fabulous book called In the Shadow of the Volcano.

A mother named Rosa and a son named Carlo have to save every one in the town but the Mayor and the TV man won't leave!  Will they escape in time?

This is an excellent book because I liked the way it had true facts and it had a bit of a lesson like Aesop's Fables.  My favourite quote was "Is that some hot lava coming out of the volcano?"

Click here to read more books about volcanoes.



Dinosaur Rescue – Salto-Scaredypus by Kyle Mewburn

Wed, 21/05/2014

Arg is the smartest in his tribe of cave people. The others aren’t so smart.  When Arg gets attacked by the enemy tribe, he tries to hide his stuff in a hole. He jumps on it to try and stuff it in the hole.  But, he falls into a big cave filled with lots of poos. He finds his way to some other caves, but gets attacked by dinosaurs!

What happens next?  Find out in this amazing book! 

This was a 10/10.  I think boys who like dinosaurs would really like this book.

Reviewed by Bob

More Dinosaur Rescue books

Watch the Dinosaur Rescue trailer

Macadoo of the Maury River by Gigi Amateau

Thu, 08/05/2014

This chapter book is about a horse looking for his place in the herd. 

The story is told from the horse’s point of view. 

My favourite quote from this book was  “Good friends have come and gone from my life and each remains in my heart”. 

This book was excellent.

Reviewed by Emelia

See where this book is in our libraries - Macadoo of the Maury River


Charlotte and the Golden Promise

Thu, 13/03/2014

This book has a very special cover - look carefully at the photo because you might have seen her around.  Grace Shearer from Havelock North won a competition to be on the cover of the newest New Zealand Girl book called Charlotte and the Golden Promise.

'I'm sure it'll be much more fun at the goldfields'.

Dunedin, 1865

Charlotte loves to play marbles with her best friend Harry and read about adventures on the high seas. But Charlotte will have to leave school soon and help her mother with the house and the younger children. Charlotte can't imagine anything worse.

When it looks like her mother is going to keep her home for good, Charlotte and her new friend Cyril board a Cobb & Co coach and head to Hogburn Gully, where the Otago gold rush is in full swing. But the mining town isn't what Charlotte imagined.

Can Charlotte find a fortune in the goldfields? Or will she have to return home to a narrow life of sewing, cooking and looking after her little sisters?


Click here to find Charlotte and the Golden Promise in the library.

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