My Lists

My Lists enables you to compile a list of records from the HDL Catalogue

You can then use this list for a number of purposes, including: emailing details of the saved records, downloading details, placing reserves.

To create a Temporary List

  • Search the catalogue
  • Tick the items you want to add (from one page only)
  • Repeat this from the next page of results
  • Click on Select an Action (towards top)
  • Click Add to My Lists
  • Note at this stage your have the option of emailing or printing the items selected.
  • The selected items will be added to a Temporary List
  • Click on My Lists at the top
  • The Temporary List will be displayed
  • You may sort the items by date etc by clicking on the Arrange By button
  • Again you have the option of emailing or printing, now for the complete list

To Save a List Permanently

  • To save this list, Log in to My Account, using your library card and PIN number.
  • Click on My Lists at the top
  • Click Select an Action
  • Clicik Save Temporary List
  • Type in a name for the list then save
  • The list will be available permanently when you are logged in
  • This is great for creating a wish list of books to read later as you can place a hold from the list at any stage
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