Legislation & Law

New Zealand Legislation

The New Zealand Legislation website contains New Zealand Acts, Bills, and Regulations.

The site is updated regularly by the Parliamentary Counsel Office.

Search or browse, read and download, free of charge, from in your library or from home. 


Community Law Centres

Community Law Centres provide a range of community legal services including:

  • legal advice
  • legal assistance and representation
  • legal information
  • legal education
  • law reform activities

He Pātaka Kupu Ture / The Legal Māori Archive

Legal Māori Archive, a online collection of more than 14,000 pages of around 250 19th century documents that illustrate the bi-lingual nature of New Zealand's legal history.

Judicial Decisions Online

Judicial Decisions Online is provided by the Ministry of Justice.

A searchable database of judgments and decisions sourced from New Zealand Courts and Tribunals.

  • Supreme Court (all)
  • Court of Appeal (all cases from 2003)
  • High Court (all cases from 2005)

The New Zealand Legal System

The New Zealand legal system has two main sources:

  • Statute law, or Acts of Parliament - law made by Parliament.  In New Zealand this is the highest form of law, and can overide law made by courts
  • Law Courts 

There are three branches of Government :

  • The Legislature - makes law
  • The Executive -  initiates and administers law
  • The Judiciary - applies law

Find out more about our legal system at the Ministry of Justice website.

WestLaw NZ

Library Access

Access from library only

WestLaw NZ gives access to New Zealand legislation and case law.

Available in our libraries (no charge). For assistance in using the database, please ask at Hastings Library.

New Zealand Acts As Enacted

Historic Acts of Parliament  - especially for researchers!

A new website containing the New Zealand Acts 1841-2007 As-Enacted Collection is now available at: www.nzlii.org/nz/legis/hist_act

Please note:

  • The Acts do not include any later amendments
  • There is no mention whether or not the Acts have been repealed

For current legislation and repealed legislation, visit the New Zealand Legislation website.

The Acts are in PDF format. 

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