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Summer Sparks is aimed at 5-12 year olds and will support kids’ learning and discovery through fun and innovative challenges and activities. These activities will be broken up into themed challenge sets that are fun, engaging and designed to suit a whole range of children’s interests. A child can choose any theme to work on, multiple themes or even complete all the challenges and themes should they wish.

Literacy is critical in helping us make sense of our world – in modern times these programmes are designed to take into account, and be flexible with, different types of literacy needs and learning styles. Children will be encouraged first and foremost to have fun! However while having fun they will have the opportunity to discover and learn about the world around them, practise reading and use other skills sets to help prevent the summer slump in learning.

While there will always be the traditional reading element to our programmes we will also now also focus on other non-traditional forms of literacy and learning styles such as visual, hands on and digital. A good example of this is where a child participates in a coding challenge. In this challenge they will use their reading skills and visual cues to work through a series of problems and write code. This is a fun and easily motivated way for children to use and practise language skills.

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