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Blog year 2024

WBM Feb1

A Whole Lot More from Wine, Books & More

We're catching up with our Tuesday evening book group for another chance to grow your 'must-read' list.

4 March 2024

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House of Doors

Book Review: The House of Doors by Tan Twan Eng

Here's a review of a haunting historical novel set in expat Penang.

2 March 2024

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Bookchat HC Feb24

Terrific New Book Recommendations from Book Chat

If you're looking for a good book, chances are you'll find one or two among this list of top reads from Hasting...

24 February 2024

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All thats left to say

Book Review: All That's Left to Say by Emery Lord

Here's a review of a powerful and poignant novel, a thoughtful depiction of a tragedy and its aftermath.

19 February 2024

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Flaxchat end Jan1

Reading Recommendations from Book Chat

Historical fiction, mysteries as well as historical mysteries were popular choices at the latest Flaxmere Library...

16 February 2024

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Book Review: 42 - The Wildly Improbable Ideas of Douglas Adams, edited by Kevin Jon Davies

Here's a new book about Douglas Adams for all of you people who know which day of the year we celebrate Towel Day...

14 February 2024

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HDL bakers club blog graphic 500x380

Summer Harvest Baking Club Update

Baking Club is a popular library event, held on the first Tuesday morning of each month at Hastings Library...

13 February 2024

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YH Feb 24

Some Recommendations from Young @ Heart Book Group

At the first Young @ Heart Book Club meeting for the year, novels based on a true story seemed to be the order of...

11 February 2024

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YA verse novels

Reviews for Two YA Novels that Pack a Wallop

You had better keep the tissues handy for these YA novel recommendations from Li.

8 February 2024

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HDL tea with tales blog button 500x334

Tea with Tales

The first meeting of the New Year saw scones and book chat abound...

7 February 2024

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Beamafilm at Waitangi

Beamafilm for Waitangi Day

Here's a look at some of the best in Kiwi film-making that you can watch on Beamafilm - a fine choice for Waitangi...

5 February 2024

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WBM Jan 24

A New Reading Year with Wine, Books & More

Wine, Books & More had plenty of crime fiction plus a few surprises on the table at their latest meeting, the...

27 January 2024

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Chilly reads

Cool Books for Hot Days

Check out these thrilling suspense novels all set in the snow - just the thing to help you forget how hot it i...

20 January 2024

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Gale National Geo Kids2

Nat Geo Kids – Kindling Children’s Curiosity Through the Holidays

We take a look at Gale National Geographic Kids, an online resource packed with interesting articles, pictures and...

16 January 2024

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419018038 760018329501856 3255903006338743115 n

We Review Two YA Murder Mysteries

What makes a really good mystery novel? Here's one book that really got everything right alongside another that...

13 January 2024

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Flax BC Dec

Some Reading Highlights from Flaxmere Library Book Chat

Recent meet-ups at Flaxmere Library Book Chat garnered some terrific reading recommendations.

10 January 2024

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YH Dec2

Young @ Heart Book Club on the Te Araroa Trail

Hiking, adventure and endurance are themes in these two books enjoyed by the Havelock North book group who are...

3 January 2024

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Blog year 2023


Hastings Book Chat Round-Up

Here's a look at the books Hastings Library Book Chat talked about at their last get-together for 2023.

31 December 2023

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Nov WBM1

New Recommendations from Wine, Books and More

The team at Wine, Books & More certainly read a variety of books and you can see this in their latest list of top...

26 December 2023

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Christmas and Britannica

We discover a wealth of interesting Christmas info through Britannica online, which you can find via the library...

24 December 2023

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Ballad Blog

Book Review: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins

Which is best, the book or the movie? This review takes a look at the prequel to the Hunger Games series which...

22 December 2023

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Checking In with Tea with Tales

We caught up with our book group for the vision impaired at their December meeting. As usual, there was some...

20 December 2023

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Xmas books 1

More New Books for Holiday Reading: Genre Fiction

What’s your favourite reading genre? Maybe you like a heart-warming romance or a pacey crime thriller. Have a look...

16 December 2023

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HDL bakers club blog graphic 500x380

December Baking Club Update

Baking Club is a popular library event, held on the first Tuesday morning of each month at Hastings Library...

13 December 2023

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New books NF

New Books Just In for the Holidays

What kind of books do you like to peruse over the holiday period when the turkey’s been eaten and the Christma...

3 December 2023

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Looking Back on Some Festival Highlights

We recently had a very well attended Readers and Writers Festival here in Hawke's Bay. Here's Miss Moneypenny'...

30 November 2023

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Flaxmere BC OctNov3

More Ripping Reads from Flaxmere Library Book Chat

Readers looking for a good book could do worse than check out the recommendations from Flaxmere Library Book Chat...

21 November 2023

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HDL bakers club blog 500x380

November Baking Club Update

Baking Club is a popular library event, held on the first Tuesday morning of each month at Hastings Library...

17 November 2023

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Tea with tales Nov

Catching Up With Tea With Tales

Tea with Tales is a book group for people with impaired vision who meet on the first Monday of the month. There'...

15 November 2023

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nat geo 2

Celebrating Geography Awareness Week with NZ Geographic

We take a peek at an awesome online resource - the digital version of NZ Geographic magazine, which you can acce...

13 November 2023

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A Dip into Recollect on Armistice Day

A new visual timeline about World War I brings history alive - and it's waiting for you on the library's Recollect...

11 November 2023

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Recommended Reading from Young @ Heart Book Group

The latest meeting of the Young @ Heart book group was at a café and fuelled by great coffee they had plenty of...

9 November 2023

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Hastings BC Oct1

More Recommendations from Hastings Library Book Chat

Catch up with the eager readers that meet every third Wednesday at Hastings Library.

1 November 2023

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Tom Lake Blog

Book Review: Tom Lake by Ann Patchett

We take a look at Ann Patchett's latest novel, a contemplation on love, marriage and family and the choices we...

28 October 2023

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WBM Sept

Wine, Books & More Reading Update

We check in with the evening book group: Wine, Books & More to see what books they've been excited to recommend.

19 October 2023

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Reading Highlights from Young at Heart Book Club

The Havelock North Young at Heart book club meet on the first Thursday of the month. Here are the top picks from...

16 October 2023

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KMs Europe

Book Review: Katherine Mansfield's Europe by Redmer Yska

On the anniversary of Katherine Mansfield's birth, here's a look at a gorgeous book about the iconic New Zealand...

14 October 2023

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Tea with Tales Oct 11

More from Tea with Tales

See what they've been reading at this month's Tea with Tales - the Hastings Library book group of readers with...

12 October 2023

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Checking Out Gale Books and Authors

Gale Books and Authors is packed with user-friendly info for all book lovers - and it's a free online resource you...

3 October 2023

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More Recommendations from Book Chat

Old favourites like Diana Gabaldon and Tim Winton as well as new releases found their way to the table at Hasting...

30 September 2023

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Young Heart Sept

Touching Base with Young @ Heart Book Club

This book club has been meeting at Havelock North Library for over a decade. They always enjoy a wide selection of...

23 September 2023

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Spring reads 1

Spring Reading

What are you reading this Spring? Here's an assortment of novels that you might find appealing as the weather...

19 September 2023

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Cuppa Tech

Dropping in at Cuppa Tech

Here's a look at one of the library's popular programmes that helps people get to grips with their techy problems.

15 September 2023

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Chinese Language Week

Celebrating Chinese Language Week

From learning Chinese to finding out about Chinese culture or history, the library's a good place to start for...

11 September 2023

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Tea with Tales1

Tea with Tales - Meet the Library Book Group with a Difference

Tea with Tales is the monthly book group held at Hastings War Memorial Library for people with significant vision...

9 September 2023

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flbc sept 1

Reading Along with Flaxmere Book Chat

Extraordinary stories of survival sat next to cosy crime novels and swashbuckling historical fiction at our last...

9 September 2023

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Flaxchat Aug

Top Reads Recommended by Flaxmere Book Chat

Have a look to see what the bookworms have been recommending at Flaxmere Book Chat. You're sure to pick up a tip...

6 September 2023

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Beamafilm highlights2

Celebrating a Year of Beamafilming

One viewer looks at some of the highlights from a year of streaming Beamafilm.

2 September 2023

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WBM Aug 1

New Books (and Old) Recommended by Wine, Books and More

You never know what's going to turn up on the table at our popular evening book group, Wine, Books and More.

30 August 2023

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Home page

Using Libby on Your Computer

Discover new browsing possibilities with

27 August 2023

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FillWyI1MDAiLDMzNF0 HDL bakers club blog 500x380

Catching Up with Bakers Club

Bakers Club is a popular library event, held on the first Tuesday morning of each month at Hastings Library...

23 August 2023

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Hastings District Libraries Archive Digitisation

Take a look behind the scenes at a massive project involving the library's archives.

19 August 2023

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Flax Book Chat Aug

Flaxmere Book Chat Recommends

Flaxmere Library has a keen bunch of readers that meet fortnightly on a Tuesday morning for Book Chat. Here are...

12 August 2023

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Poos and Farts

What's So Special about the Topic of Poos and Farts?

Ahead of the library's special reboot of Poos and Farts Storytime, we reflect on a genre that can be guaranteed to...

8 August 2023

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Cook Islands Lang Wk

Let's Celebrate Cook Islands Language Week

Here's a look at some of the library books and online resources for learning about the Cook Islands language ...

30 July 2023

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WBM May 23 II

Wine, Books & More Catch-Up

See what our popular evening book group has been reading.

22 July 2023

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Meet New Children's Author, Nicola Kenny

Nicola Kenny has turned her digi-tech experience into an engaging new series of children’s books.

16 July 2023

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Unreliable narrators

The Low-down on Unreliable Narrators

Here's a hand to help you select a book for the TUTH Unreliable Narrator Challenge.

12 July 2023

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Global issues for blog 2

Explore the Global Issues Database

If you’re interested in international politics and current affairs, here’s a library hosted database you might...

8 July 2023

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Bookchat June reads 1

Book Chat Catch-Up for June

We check in again with the book lovers at Hastings Book Chat to see what they recommend.

1 July 2023

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Barbara Kingsolver

A Spotlight on Barbara Kingsolver

We take a look at the books that have made Barbara Kingsolver one of the world's best-loved authors of literary...

20 June 2023

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Virtual Wine Books More for blog

Virtual Wine, Books & More - a Different Kind of Book Group Experience

Here's the perfect book group for when you can't get to book groups in real life. This year it is also a Turn Up...

13 June 2023

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May reads

New Reading from Book Chat

We caught up with Hastings Book Chat to see what books have kept them up at night lately.

9 June 2023

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Mothers Boy

Book Review: Mother's Boy by Patrick Gale

Here's what we thought of Patrick Gale's latest book, a look at the life of Cornish poet Charles Causley.

25 May 2023

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April reads 1

Catching Up with Wine, Books and More

Yet again, a wide range of reading made it to the table at last month’s Wine, Books & More, our monthly Tuesday...

12 May 2023

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Comics on Libby

Get in the Mood for Nerdvana

Nerdvana is our annual tribute to all things nerdy. From VR gaming to Cosplay; D&D to Anime - you get the picture...

3 May 2023

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Anne Perry 2

RIP Anne Perry (28.10.38 - 10.4.23)

Popular crime novelist Anne Perry died earlier this month. We look back on Anne Perry's long career as an author...

26 April 2023

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wine books and more april 23

Recent Reads at Wine, Books & More

See what the team have been reading at Wine, Books & More - the library's Tuesday evening book club.

22 April 2023

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HDL bakers club blog 500x380

April Baking Club Update

Easter treats

11 April 2023

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Flax Book Chat March 23

March Highlights at Book Chat

After a small hiatus in Book Chat get-togethers, it was fantastic to see the group again and talk about our...

5 April 2023

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Library books

You Had Me at the Word "Library"

Booklovers are often attracted to a book which has the word "library" in the title. Our reviewer, Lara, gives u...

29 March 2023

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Mrs Jewell

Book Review: Mrs Jewell and the wreck of the General Grant

Mrs Jewell and the wreck of the General Grant is a historical novel based on an actual shipwreck which occurred...

21 March 2023

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Wine Books More Feb 23 PT 2

Wine, Books & More Recommended Reading: Part 2

Read on to discover even more fabulous books. Here's what else the crew at the Wine, Books & More book group have...

3 March 2023

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Wine Books More Feb 23

Wine, Books & More Recommended Reading: Part 1

The well-read folk who attend Tuesday evening’s Wine, Book & More book club at Hastings Library sure get through a...

24 February 2023

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Book Chat Jan 23

A New Year of Recommendations from Book Chat

Hastings Library Book Chat began the new year with some amazing books and some lively discussion. Find out what...

4 February 2023

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2022 Top Non Fic reads 2

Book Favourites from Library Staff 2022: Non-Fiction

Our favourite non-fiction reads of the last year seem to divide neatly into two types of reading matter - personal...

26 January 2023

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Spec Fic 22

Book Favourites from Library Staff 2022: Speculative Fiction

If you want to try some of the best fantasy and science fiction novels at the library, this could be the list for...

21 January 2023

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Feel goodRomantic Fiction

Book Favourites from Library Staff 2022: Romantic and Feel-Good Fiction

If you fancy curling up with a lovely, warm-hearted read, you might try one of these novels recommended by the...

13 January 2023

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Best historical fiction 22

Book Favourites from Library Staff 2022: Historical Fiction

Historical novels are always popular, and with such a huge range of places and periods to choose from, there'...

7 January 2023

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Blog year 2022

Lit fic 22

Book Favourites from Library Staff 2022: Literary Fiction

These are the books that impressed us for their originality, the cleverness of the writing, and the power of the...

31 December 2022

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Best contemporary fic 22

Book Favourites from Library Staff 2022: Contemporary Fiction

These are the books we loved that tend to be about people in everyday modern life - stories that are easy to...

24 December 2022

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Best mysteries 22

Book Favourites from Library Staff 2022: Crime and Suspense Fiction

We're finishing off the year with a look at the books that have hit the spot with our library staff, beginning...

17 December 2022

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Nov Reads

Some More Book Club Reading

If you're looking for some book recommendations, you could do worse than check out what the team has been reading...

8 December 2022

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Where the Crawdads Sing - Which is better: the book or the movie?

We've had copies of the book, Where the Crawdads Sing in the libraries for a couple of years and they're still...

30 November 2022

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The Twyford Code

Book Review: The Twyford Code by Janice Hallett

The author who brought us 'The Appeal' gives the reader a second puzzling crime novel that will keep you guessing.

24 November 2022

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HDL WineBooks web page graphic 2022 400x400

Review - Vā: Stories by Women of the Moana (and meet one of the authors!)

Our annual Book Lovers Night is on the 23rd of November. Our guest author on the night is Nafanua Kersel, whose...

17 November 2022

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dinosaur books

Dinovember: All About Dinosaurs

Hana gives us the lowdown on Dinovember - a very important month on the library calendar or indeed any calendar...

31 October 2022

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Wine, Books and More: October Reading

I'm not sure when I've seen such a curious variety of books as this list of recommended reads from the group that...

27 October 2022

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HDL bakers club blog 500x380

October Baking Club Update

Bake from a library book - so many to choose from!

10 October 2022

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Sept 2

New Reading from Book Chat

Here's what the group from Flaxmere Book Chat have been talking about lately.

8 October 2022

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Book Review: Blackstar Theory: the last works of David Bowie by Leah Kardos

Our reviewer and David Bowie fan has a gander at the latest book about rock's eternal chameleon, chronicling the...

30 September 2022

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Three women and a boat 2

Book Review: Three Women and a Boat by Anne Youngson

Here's a philosophical sort of novel that will take you down the canals of England, from the author who gave u...

24 September 2022

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9781991016102 border

Adopted: Loss, love, family and reunion by Jo Willis and Brigitta Baker

An honest book about closed adoption in New Zealand.

19 September 2022

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HDL bakers club blog graphic 500x380

September Baking Club update

We bake with vegetables and Emma's cookies turn green

15 September 2022

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Book chat reads 1

August Reading Recommendations from Book Chat

Hastings Book Chat meets just once a month on the third Wednesday of the month and for these keen readers, there’...

2 September 2022

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sincerely media dGxOgeXAXm8 unsplash

The NZSA Regional Roadshows: What Do People Get Up to at Writers Forums?

Writing can be a solitary activity. But every so often writers feel the need to get together in small group...

27 August 2022

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IMG 0065

Old-fashioned baking

Emma writes about a mysterious cheeseless cheese cake she tried at August's Baking Club.

18 August 2022

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Flatulence, animal droppings, and toilet training: a guide to books in our collections

Always on the look-out for interesting themes for children's Storytime, our team have collated a bunch of book...

15 August 2022

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Oh William

Book Review: Oh William! by Elizabeth Strout

Here's a look at one of the books that recently made The Booker Prize longlist. If you're worried that this mean...

5 August 2022

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first book

NZ Book Awards for Children and Young Adults: Best First Book NZSA Award

This is the final category in this year's NZ Book Awards for Children and YA. It’s amazing that three of these...

29 July 2022

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Te Kura Pounamu Award

NZ Book Awards for Children and Young Adults: Te Kura Pounamu Award

The Wright Family Foundation Te Kura Pounamu Award recognises the best in books for children written in te reo...

24 July 2022

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Illustration Award

NZ Book Awards for Young Readers: Illustration Award

Wonderful artwork can really make a story. These are the books on the shortlist for the Illustration award in thi...

16 July 2022

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Non Fiction Award

NZ Book Awards for Children and YA: Non-Fiction Award

You'll spot some familiar names in this year’s line-up for the NZ Book Awards for Children and YA Non-Fiction...

12 July 2022

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Turn Up the Heat with Poetry

Emma shares poetry collections our staff have loved.

9 July 2022

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New Zealand Book Awards for Young Readers 2022: YA Fiction Award

I don’t know how the judges are going to decide on a winner for this year’s Young Adult Fiction Award – a hotly...

8 July 2022

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Picture Book Award

NZ Book Awards for Children and YA: Picture Book Award

We’re taking a look at the Picture Book Award in our second post on the NZ Book Awards for Children and YA. Alway...

4 July 2022

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Esther Glen Award

The New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults

We’re running a few posts on the books that have made the finals in the NZ Book Awards for Children and Young...

28 June 2022

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New Book Chat Picks

Recommended by Book Chat

The group at Flaxmere Library Book Chat have had enjoyed some terrific reads in recent weeks. Here are just a few...

17 June 2022

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Darkest Evening

Book Review: The Darkest Evening by Ann Cleeves

The latest Vera Stanhope mystery and number nine in Cleeves's super-popular series is the perfect book you can...

10 June 2022

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HDL bakers club blog graphic 500x380

June Baking Club: International

Emma tastes her way around the world

8 June 2022

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Seven Husbands

Book Review: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

A novel about a fictional Hollywood star that reads like a memoir. - our reviewer will have you putting this one...

26 May 2022

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HDL bakers club blog 500x380

May Baking Club

Fiona writes about making scones.

16 May 2022

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Womens prize 2022

Check Out the Shortlist for the Women's Prize for Fiction 2022

Here’s a snapshot of the books that recently made the shortlist for the 2022 Women’s Prize for Fiction. Formerly...

4 May 2022

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Book Chat reading April 22

Hastings Library Book Chat Recommends

Here's the pick of the bunch from a great list of books the group have been sharing at Book Chat.

30 April 2022

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A Year with

Book Review: A Year with Swollen Appendices: Brian Eno's Diary

Take a trip back to 1995 with a diary written by rock influencer, Brian Eno, with some oddly interesting insight...

27 April 2022

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Rabbit books

Easter Reading

Here's some fiction just perfect for that Easter break, or anytime really, all available at the library.

13 April 2022

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We could be...

Book Review: We Could Be... Bowie and His Heroes

Since his death, Bowie has inspired a bunch of books, like this book of andecdotal encounters from Bowie obsessive...

10 April 2022

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Two French Films and a Travel Diary

The library has a great selection of movies from a wide range of genres. Here's a quick review of two French...

3 April 2022

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chapterbooks 1

Favourite Children's Books Part 4: Chapter Books

These are the books we read with a torch under the bedcovers, thinking, "just one more chapter".

1 April 2022

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Winnie the

Favourite Children's Books Part 3: Anthologies, Talking Books and More...

Here's an assortment of old favourites that have been treasured for all kinds of reasons including story...

27 March 2022

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Readers 2

Favourite Children's Books: Part 2 - Early Readers

Here are our favourite early readers - the books that first got us or our children launched into independent...

23 March 2022

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redo pbks 1

Favourite Children's Books: Part 1 - Picture Books

We're celebrating Children's Book Day on 2 April by sharing the children's books we loved when we were small. Such...

18 March 2022

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Doomsday Clock

Book Review: Doomsday Clock by Geoff Johns

Here's look at two graphic novels that take you into the world of the Watchmen.

16 March 2022

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Rose Code

Book Review: The Rose Code by Kate Quinn

The new Kate Quinn novel looks at the important work of three women code breakers of Bletchley Park, their...

12 March 2022

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On Hampstead Heath

Book Review: On Hampstead Heath by Marika Cobbold

JAM is happy to discover a new book from Marika Cobbold, an entertaining novel about fake news and the trouble it...

3 March 2022

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A Review of Some Stunning Graphic Novel Compendiums

Graphic Novel fans will be sure to recognise the Fables series by Bill Willingham. Rob reviews this classic...

19 February 2022

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My lists

Solving the Reader's Eternal Dilemma

Here's how to keep track of all those books you want to read using My Lists.

11 February 2022

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Non fic reads

Andrea's Non-Fiction Highlights

Here are some brilliant self-help book recommendations from Andrea, who doesn't read a lot of non-fiction but...

4 February 2022

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Unsettled Ground

Book Review: Unsettled Ground by Clare Fuller

Claire Fuller recently won the Costa 2021 Novel Award for Unsettled Ground. Here's what our reviewer, JAM, thought...

24 January 2022

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January BC2

Book Chat Recommends

Our first Book Chat for the year was at Flaxmere Library where the group got off to a flying start with some...

17 January 2022

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te wharau o kui 500 r112x from supplier website

An Interview with Marie Munro - author of Te Wharau o Kui

Hastings District Libraries recently interviewed Marie Munro whose book "Nana's Shed" - "The Wharau of Kui"...

14 January 2022

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Lis top reads

Library Li's Top Reads from 2021

Our Li reads a lot of books so her top selection from 2021 is bound to be interesting.

12 January 2022

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Non fic graphic

Top 2021 Reads from the Librarians - Part 7: Non-Fiction, Graphic Novels and More

Here are some of the best non-fiction and graphic novels we read as well as one serious disappointment as we wrap...

8 January 2022

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YA Junior fic

Top 2021 Reads from the Librarians - Part 6: Young Adult and Junior Fiction

The YA section of the library is well worth checking out for some thought-provoking and entertaining reads. Here...

3 January 2022

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Blog year 2021

Spec Fic

Top 2021 Reads from the Librarians - Part 5: Speculative Fiction

Including genres of science fiction and fantasy these books are packed with interesting worlds - some of them huge...

30 December 2021

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Mystery fiction

Top 2021 Reads from the Librarians - Part 4: Mysteries and Suspense

There's nothing like a good mystery or a ripping yarn packed with suspense. This is a very mixed batch of novel...

27 December 2021

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Historical fiction

Top 2021 Reads from the Librarians - Part 3: Historical Fiction

When we live in uncertain times, it can be a blessing to escape into a book to another time and place, where...

24 December 2021

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Contemporary fiction

Top 2021 Reads from the Librarians - Part 2: Contemporary Fiction

Contemporary Fiction is one of those terms we give to books that are not any particular genre but tend to mirror...

21 December 2021

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Top Reads 2021 part 1

Top 2021 Reads from HD Librarians - Part 1

We've been asking library staff the tough question: What books did you enjoy most in 2021? We'll be running a...

17 December 2021

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Christmas reads

Fiction to Get You in the Mood for Christmas

Every year there’s a swag of new books with a Christmassy theme, just perfect when you want to take a break from...

15 December 2021

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Cover A Famished Heart

Book Review: A Famished Heart by Nicola White

A new series of Irish detective stories begins with this novel set in 1980s Dublin. Fans of Benjamin Black and...

14 December 2021

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Book Review: Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Our reviewer had his first experience of an e-audiobook with this sci-fi thriller and surprised himself with how...

10 December 2021

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mark paton bmzkW nN0pQ unsplash

Connecting Bluetooth Hearing Aids to Audiobooks

Bluetooth is shortwave wireless technology that can connect devices. Did you know that many hearing aids have thi...

7 December 2021

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Wine books more Nov

Wine Books & More Recent Reads

Wine Books and More met again after a spell of several months so they had a lot of bookish conversation to catch...

5 December 2021

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Coming to a screen

Coming to a Screen Near You

Many readers enjoy screen adaptations of books, but if you’re like me, you prefer to read the book first – just in...

30 November 2021

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Book Chat FL

Books We Loved at Book Chat

Flaxmere Book Chat met up again for the first time in a while, eager to share and discuss their favourite read...

20 November 2021

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I Couldnt Love You More

Book Review: I Couldn't Love You More

According to the blurb, Esther Freud's latest novel is 'about love, motherhood, secrets and betrayal - and how...

8 November 2021

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HDL APTR blog 500x380

Advanced Pre-Teen Reads #8: NZ fiction

This is the eighth in a series of blog posts focussed on Advanced Pre-Teen Readers (APTRs)

- Library Li

1 November 2021

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HDL APTR blog 500x380

Advanced Pre-Teen Reads #7: Fantasy

This is the seventh in a series of blog posts focussed on Advanced Pre-Teen Readers (APTRs)

-Library Li

1 November 2021

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HDL APTR blog 500x380

Advanced Pre-Teen Reads #6: Junior fiction for all!

This is the sixth in a series of blog posts focussed on Advanced Pre-Teen Readers (APTRs)

- Emma L

1 November 2021

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HDL APTR blog 500x380

Advanced Pre-Teen Reads #5: Non-fiction

This is the fifth in a series of blog posts focussed on Advanced Pre-Teen Readers (APTRs)

- Emma L

1 November 2021

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Advanced Pre-Teen Reads #4: Adventure

This is the fourth in a series of blog posts focussed on Advanced Pre-Teen Readers (APTRs)

- Emma L

1 November 2021

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Advanced Pre-Teen Reads #3: War stories and historical fiction

This is the third in a series of blog posts focussed on Advanced Pre-Teen Readers (APTRs)

- Emma L

1 November 2021

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Advanced Pre-Teen Readers #2: Classics

This is the second in a series of blog posts focussed on Advanced Pre-Teen Readers (APTRs)

- Emma L

1 November 2021

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Til wrong feels right 1

Book Review: The Appeal by Janice Hallett

One murder. Fifteen suspects. Can you uncover the truth? A clever debut that puts the reader into the minds of two...

29 October 2021

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Advanced Pre-Teen Readers #1: Help and ideas for your voracious reader

This is the first in a series of blog posts focussing on Advanced Pre-Teen Readers (APTRs)

- Emma L

28 October 2021

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Til wrong feels right

Book Review: 'Til Wrong Feels Right: Lyrics and Photographs by Iggy Pop

A book about "Pop songs", not the top ten on the hit parade, but the songs by Iggy Pop. 'Til Wrong Feels Right...

15 October 2021

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Little fires

Book Review: Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

Here's our review of a novel about a small community, the families that live there and what happens when different...

28 September 2021

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Ngaio Marsh Awards Finalists - the best in Kiwi Noir

A brilliant selection of new crime/mystery books (fiction and non fiction) made the Ngaio Marsh longlist thi...

22 September 2021

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Alice network

Book Review: The Alice Network by Kate Quinn

Here's a pacey read which teams a New York college girl with a small problem with a reclusive alcoholic former spy...

20 September 2021

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Copy of Copy of Untitled

What have Wine Books and More been reading?

It's been a few months since we had an update on the reading habits of our Wine Books and More attendees. Let'...

30 August 2021

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p d James

Book Review: An Unsuitable Job for a Woman by P D James

Our reviewer happened upon this e-audiobook when browsing the library's e-collection and was pleasantly surprised...

27 August 2021

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Book Chat Reads Aug2

Book Chat's Winter Reading

There's nothing like curling up with a book as winter sets in. Flaxmere Book Chat has been reading some terrific...

19 August 2021

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Book Review of The Ox: the Last of the Great Rock Stars

Read our review of this authorised biography of The Who's John Entwistle by Paul Rees, music journalist. Entwistle...

15 August 2021

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Booker Prize News

The longlist is out for the 2021 Man Booker Prize. Often considered the cream of the crop of the fiction award...

10 August 2021

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Paper Towns by John Green

If you're doing the Turn Up the Heat reading challenge this year, you may have come across the task: Millennial...

29 July 2021

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HDL TUTH homepage button 500x334

Purple Covers but No Purple Prose - Some Reading Suggestions for TUTH

Librarians and booksellers alike sometimes get challenging requests for a book, including the much quoted line: "I...

15 July 2021

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The Famoux

The Famoux by Kassandra Tate

Looking for some book ideas for the TUTH challenge: Millennial Problems? The Famoux by Kassandra Tate could fit...

11 July 2021

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What the Hell Did I Just Read? by David Wong

In an undisclosed small American town strange things are afoot. An unlikely trio try to get to the bottom of...

5 July 2021

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te atea title page

Katarina Te Heikoko Mataira

Rāhoroi 29th Haratua Saturday 29th May, standing at the waharoa of Waipatu marae, the kaikaranga calls us on, we...

4 June 2021

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invisible library

The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman

“She just wanted – had always wanted – a good book to read.”

25 March 2021

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Blog 2

I Learnt it From a Book: Fashion Origami

I have always admired origami and have been slightly (read more than slightly) jealous of people who could...

24 March 2021

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Best reads

Emma's Favourite Reads for 2020

From picture books to young adult to adult fiction and some seriously thought-provoking non-fiction, Emma pick...

20 March 2021

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stephen king face

Nigel's Top Ten by Stephen King

I’ve been on a Stephen King binge this year – my ultimate goal is to read all of his works within in next couple...

18 March 2021

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Blog 1

A Long Petal of the Sea by Isabel Allende

JAM reviews Isabel Allende's latest historical novel.

It's a moving love story set in difficult political...

17 March 2021

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